Time Flies by bringing different skin concerns:
Aging,dull skin tone,oily skin,lines&wrinkles,spots,droopy skin

When you are 18, collagen under skin begins to lose.
When you are 25, it gets severe. Research shows that women have double
speed than men in collagen loss.

With one goodwind Photonic Skin Rejuvenation,
Stop your skin age at 18 and,
Make you young forever.

Red photon:
Wave lenght 622±5nm,Stimulating generation of youth collagen
and cell activity,regaining skin vitality and elasicity.its mild wave
length can also be applied on sensitive areas such as around eyes
and forehead.

Blue photon:
Wave lenght 467±5nm,preventing acne breakout by killing
bacteria and anti-inflammation.By cleaning and balancing
sebum system,it helps to lift and tighten skin as well as clear
up acne and blemishes.

Yellow photon:
Wave Length of wihch is 580±3nm,is mild and especially fit
for sensitive skin type.It can gently stimulate lymph system
and nervous system,increase skin immunity and reduce skin
sensitivity.Consistent use of it can improve dull skin tone
and fade out dark spots,making skin bright and pure.

Human skin renews its cells every 28 days. So keep on using
more than 28 days,improvements on your skin can be visible and radical.

  • Red Light:Moisturizing,Anti Wrinkle Fine Line,Restore Elasticity,Active Cell Regenerate,Rejuvenation
  • Blue Light:Anti Acne,Fade Scarring Acne,Anti Inflammation,Killing Bacteria,Lifting and Firming
  • Yellow Light:Whitening,Improve Dull Skin Tone, Fade Dark Spots,Makeing Skin Bright And Pure
  • Charging Dock:Rechargeable.Protective Goggle:Protect Eye From Being Exposed Under Light Therapy
  • Touch-sensitive Function:Light Will Not On Without Contacting Human Skin

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La goodwind PH-1 Face Facial Portable Beauty Device Health Skin Care Whitening Remove Anti Acne Scar Pimple Aging Wrinkle (3 Lights)

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