British Foods Worldwide present a selection of the top selling British Nestlé chocolate bars in this classic collection.

Package contents:
1x Yorkie (46g)
1x Aero Peppermint (36g)
1x Munchies (52g)
1x Smarties (38g)
1x Toffee Crisp (38g)
1x Yorkie - Raisin & Biscuit (44g)
1x Lion Bar - Original (50g)
1x Kit-Kat Chunky (40g)
1x Rolo (52g)
1x Milky Bar (25g)
1x Aero Original Milk Chocolate (36g)
ALLERGY WARNING: All products are manufactured in a facility that processes nuts or nut based products. Please be sure to read the individual chocolate bar labels for full ingredients and detailed allergy information before consuming.

Note: Product specifications and packaging may change from time to time. Product packaging may be price marked or contain promotional messages.

  • British Foods Worldwide Favourite Nestlé Selection - An assortment of 12 Nestlé British Chocolate Bars
  • Only guaranteed genuine when sold by Nanobits
  • All bars are full size UK specification - British Chocolate Tastes Better!
  • Non-PRIME orders are shipped from the UK. Please allow extra time for delivery
  • Products are NOT allergen free. Please see product details or enquire for further information

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British Foods Worldwide Nestlé Gift Box | 12 British Chocolate Bars: Smarties, Yorkie, Aero, Munchies, Toffee Crisp, Lion Bar, Kit-Kat, Rolo, Milky...

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